Pinewood Bar & Cafe


Classes are on held on Tuesday evenings in the function room at the far end of the Pinewood Bar & Cafe, accessed through the main bar area.  There is ample free parking out front.

Food and drink can be purchased from the bar before, during or after class.

All ladies over 18 years are welcome, regardless of age, size or ability.  Whether you are a seasoned dancer or have never danced before, you will love the core moves and prop work,  for fun, for exercise or to hone your performance skills.  Even if you are not interested in performing on stage, the moves you learn will help to build your confidence and boost your self-esteem and soon have you feeling sexy.  You will walk taller and feel better about yourself, which could help you at work or at play!

Please be aware, this is a ladies only class, so male partners will have to wait in the bar.  

Any ladies aged 15-17 are able to attend with parental permission. If they wish to perform, they may be restricted depending on the age-limit of the venue.


Ladies can wear anything they feel comfortable in, as long as your movements are not restricted.  Feel free to dress up if you would like to.  

You are encouraged to wear heels because they help with posture and make you feel more sexy, but this is not essential and they only have to be as high a you can manage.  I recommend that shoes are comfortable and you bring flats to change into if you are not used to wearing high shoes.  Ideally, your shoes should have straps too so they don’t fall off, but a ribbon or hairband around each shoe is just as good.  


All the props we use in class are provided.  You can purchase them from BURLEDANCE if you would like your own to practice with, so please ask for details in class.


The price is £10 per week (pay as you go with no booking required) or you can block book 4 classes in advance for £36 (£9 per week).    This covers the whole evening regardless of how long you stay.  Payment can be made either by cash, PayPal or BACS transfer. 


7.30pm – 8.30pm Core moves and performance skills

8.30pm – 10pm Dance routines for performance or fun

Pinewood Bar & Cafe
Unit 8, Pinewood Centre
Old Wokingham Road, Wokingham
RG40 3AQ