The place to go for Burlesque dancing in the local Berkshire area.  Build your confidence, find your inner goddess and get sexy while getting fit.  Why not find out more about our classes by following the link above.  Once you try Burlesque you’ll never go back.

At BURLEDANCE it is our aim to make Burlesque available to all women, regardless of their age, size, shape and ability.  Whether you want to dance for fun, for exercise or to build your self-esteem, there is something for you.

Learn to appreciate your body and love being a woman with specialist steps and core moves that are great for discovering your femininity and toning your muscles all at the same time.  Burlesque is a low-impact form of dance, which means it is suitable for all ladies whatever your current fitness level.

Wear anything you’re comfortable in, so long as you are able to wiggle your hips and bend your knees with ease.  Most favoured items of clothing are leggings and loose skirts or shorts with tights, but feel free to wear tracksuit bottoms if that is what you prefer.  Ideally shoes need to have a heel, but only as high as you can walk in.  Again you need to be comfortable, so if you are not used to stilettos, choose a lower pair to begin with that have a thicker heel.  You can always progress to higher shoes with thinner heels later.  If you’re not used to high shoes, you may wish to bring a flat pair with you to change into.

In our beginner classes we will explore tracing, peeling, walking and posing along with some core moves that will really get you moving and feeling sexy in no time.  You’ll have so much fun that it won’t even feel like you’re working out, but your hips, waist and thighs will definitely benefit from it, as well other parts of your body and your confidence.  You’ll also be given the opportunity to work with props and learn routines that can be taken to the stage or simply to the bedroom.

Our intermediate class is where you will hone your performance skills and learn routines to take to the stage alongside our very own Velvet Coquettes.


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