Welcome to the Heavenlee Velvet Bio page.

Emma created the persona HeavenLee Velvet in January 2013 when she decided to go it alone and launch BURLEDANCE. Prior to that, she had been performing under the name Fleur Délice for the Burlesque Dance company Flirty Not Dirty, based in Surrey. She joined Flirty Not Dirty in March 2011 , and soon became one of their teachers and a member of their dance troupe Hell’s Belles. She decided to leave them in 2012 and launch BURLEDANCE to bring Burlesque to Berkshire and share her love of dancing with the local ladies.

As well as teaching regular classes, HeavenLee is a Burlesque performer in her own right and also heads the BURLEDANCE Burlesque dance troupe The Velvet Coquettes. Tapping into her many years experience of dancing, she choreographs all their dance routines. She loves creating new dances and taking inspiration from other dance styles, especially those through the ages such as Charleston and Lindy hop.